How To Choose The Right Beauty Products for Different Climates



When it comes to beauty and makeup, the weather is one thing that women can’t control — but we can be prepared for it. Realistically, the weather can be forecasted accurately a maximum of 10 days in the future, as discussed in The Washington Post; however, that gives us girls plenty of time to stock up on the right products that will keep us looking good through any condition. But what exactly are the right cosmetics to get your hands on for each weather forecast? Here are the items you should keep around for that particularly dry, humid or rainy day.


It may not seem like a surprise, but dry weather means that there is little to no moisture in the air, which can quickly lead to dry skin. Whether you’re living in dry climates or traveling to a desert-like destination, your No. 1 beauty priority should be taking care of your skin. Swap out your foamy facial cleanser for something more gentle on the skin that doesn’t take out the moisture, and make sure you apply facial and body lotion right after getting out of the shower so the moisture can really seep into your skin. Instead of a foundation, use a BB cream that has sunscreen and moisturizing elements in it. Lastly, keep a lip balm close by as your lips are usually the first to be affected by dehydration and dry weather.


In the heat, makeup tends to move around and smudge a lot. To minimize this reaction, start with an oil-free moisturizer and add a primer base to your makeup routine — this will help hold make up together for longer. Generally, you should stick to the motto “less is more” in hot weather. Use a tinted moisturizer, concealer and powder foundation, and stay away from thick, creamy layers that will leave your face looking extra shiny in the heat. For those of you who love wearing lash extensions, be mindful of the type of lash extension glue you use, as its effectiveness can be affected by the humidity in the air.


Rainy weather can wash away your makeup in a few quick minutes. Stylecaster recommends rubbing your makeup into your skin when it’s wet outside, rather than just leaving it sitting on top of your skin, to help keep it in place. Just as you should do in humid weather, using a primer base is a great way to add an extra-strong hold to your makeup, and avoid it seeping away quickly. When you are faced with a rainy day, be sure to reach for the waterproof mascara in your makeup bag, and skip the shimmer and shine products, as the matte look is much easier to maintain when water is present, says Stylecaster.

Whether you’re off to work, on a girls outing or going on vacation, we never want inclement weather conditions to get in the way of our day — or our makeup. Our beauty routine can be vital to how we’re feeling, so make sure you’re prepared for any climate by following these tips.