Vagabond Australian songwriter Emerson Leif chases happiness in his new single “Hesitate”

Australian upstart Emerson Leif has blessed us with an arrestingly beautiful new single “Hesitate” featuring fellow Aussie creative Golden Vessel. Like all great things in life, “Hesitate” started as a flicker of an idea before manifesting into a full-fledged concept, entrenched in the universal feeling that comes with chasing fleeting happiness.

We had the opportunity to chat with Emerson about the deeper meaning behind “Hesitate,” his collaborative process with Golden Vessel, and much more.

FAULT: You (Emerson Leif) and Golden Vessel have been friends for a long time and this isn’t your first collaboration either. How has your relationship changed since you first started making music together and how has your process evolved?

Emerson Leif: Max and I met because of music but quickly discovered that we both had the same over the top sense of humour and have been buds ever since. Working on something with a friend is always going to feel more natural. It’s nice to have someone you trust to bounce ideas off. I remember when we first spent time working on music together I really liked Max’s confidence and excitement over new ideas. Max hasn’t changed much since then except he wears turtle neck turtlenecks now.

FAULT: I think we’re all struggling to fill a void and music a lot of times can be that great escape. What is the primary message you hope listeners take away from your music?

Emerson: You can feel it when a song actually means something. I do not think that music is ‘the answer’ but I do believe it is universal, and can serve as a catalyst for more open minded conversation regarding ‘greater truth’ in respect to the human condition. I wrote ‘hesitate’ at I time when I had many questions and it marked the beginning of a life changing journey for me.

FAULT: We’re sad we can’t be there for your tour, but tell us more about what to expect from your live show.

Emerson: Well my live show is me and my friend Connor (who also makes music as Akurei), we both sing and play keys, and I’ve got these midi cubes which light up when I hit them. We also run projections that sync with what we’re doing, which are cut mainly from 90’s Asian cult films.

FAULT: What’s your favourite thing about touring?

Emerson: I think if you didn’t answer the show itself, you’d be lying haha. The hours of travelling and just waiting around for each show is not so much, fun but then the show itself makes it all worthwhile for sure.

FAULT: Finally, what is your FAULT?

Emerson: Those dishes in the sink.

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