FAULTless Christmas Gift Guide for all-year wellness

Is the Christmas rush making you anxious about what to buy for your dear ones this holiday season? We’ve got you all covered. Here’s our ultimate last-minute gift guide for the special ones in your life.

We’re all about hectic lifestyles – if you’re anything like us, it’s a daily struggle to keep up with your skin, hair and overall beauty routine. This season, we’ve tested out the best products on the market that are bound to keep you fresh and youthful looking for the party season.



Specializing in collagen technology skincare and baked mineral cosmetics, Proto-Col replenishes and restores your skin to its natural youthful status. The Fresh Faced and Fabulous range includes a microdermabrasion gel and a collagen facial gel. The duo is meant to revitalize and get rid of dead skin cells, resulting in a more glowing complexion. As the party season can take a toll on your skin’s natural wellbeing, we highly recommend the two as a beauty pick-me-up.


The microdermabrasion gel contains small particles of pearls and diamonds. Using circular motions, blend the gel into your face and neck area and use a warm towel to clear the skin afterward. It might leave your face looking a little red-ish because of the sudden blood flow to certain areas of your face. This is merely a momentary reaction and is followed by a visible glowing and youthful looking complexion. Following the microdermabrasion gel should undoubtedly be the collagen facial gel. As your pores are open, the collagen technology penetrates the first layer of your skin, leaving it smooth and prepped for the day ahead.


We recommend the two as a pair. You can find more details at www.protocol.com – prices range from 35£ onwards.





Part of the AlterEgo family, the new Arganikare Miracle Colour Collection features extra gentile formulations, designed to slow down oxidation and prolong colour intensity, while leaving your locks hydrated and luscious.


A personal favourite – the Miracle Colour Silver Maintain Shampoo is made of Organic Goji Berry extracts and helps to prolong hair colour. My experience with the Miracle Colour has ranged from astounding to absolutely disastrous. The shampoo comes in a purple shade meant to maintain your initial blonde shade. Used in excess – which I have – will leave slightly purple highlights in your hair. Oddly enough, they look very flattering. Used in normal amounts – it gives your natural blonde quite a silvery undertone which is flattering to all skin types. I’ve been over the moon with the outside reactions I’ve received after using the product. Not only has it restored my blonde to its former glory, it’s also given it a newfound glory.


Another favourite is Arganikare’s Day Therapy Shampoo. It’s light and it tames my hair. It’s an extra gentle shampoo formulated to give body, shine and elasticity to colour treated hair.

You can find more details on http://www.alteregoitaly.com/ – Prices range from 10£ onwards.


Skimono – Face and Hands Sheet Masks


Skimono’s sheet masks use a brand new technology to restore your skin’s vitality. Sheet masks have seen a popularity increase over the year – from high street brands to luxury, and for good reason that is. They are by far the most effective way of quickly revitalizing your skin cells. Skimono offers a wide range of products, for all skin types.


Every Skimono mask, whether it’s for your face, hands or feet is particularly designed to target specific issues. The foot mask’s serum is a blend of chamomile and marigold extracts, perfect for soothing and healing the soles of your feet after a busy day.


The advanced moisturisation mask is packed with hyaluronic acid, a skincare favourite that helps your skin retain moisture whilst calming the skin.


As a special Christmas package that you will definitely be grateful for after New Year’s day – go for the trio: face, hands and feet. Plus, they come in great packaging and make up the perfect last minute gift for your dear ones.


Find your perfect fit at www.skimono.com


Hot Hair


Looking for a new ‘do’ this season? Hot Hair has got you covered with the most luxurious hair extensions available on the market.


Made from 100% Remy human hair, they’re super sleek and come in 10 different shades and 2 different sizes. You can choose from 18’’ and 22’’ – both of which are extremely light, hence there is little to no damage done to your hair.


The system is quite easy as well – they come in 3 sleek wefts with as little as 4 clips per weft. Whether you want your hair longer this party season or just looking to add a bit of volume to your already luscious locks, Hot Hair has you sorted.


The trick is not to leave them in overnight. Even the best products on the market can get damaged if not looked after properly.


In terms of looking after them – they’re quite easy to maintain. Or otherwise said, it’s like having to wash another set of locks as they require just as much attention as your natural mane. Die them at your own risk though, as the chemicals might damage the natural feel. They’re heat resistant though, so super easy to style. We recommend that any straightening or curling be done before clipping them into your own hair.


Prices start at 225£ and you can find more details on www.hothair.com