Eric Sharp

Eric Sharp is a mustached man and producer from Los Angeles. Inspired by the blissful disco pop sounds of RUFUS and Flight Facilities, Eric’s latest single “Too Much” is a pulsating dance floor filler. The track is a stacked collaboration, featuring talents from French Horn Rebellion and Drew Kramer. Written about the first feelings of falling in love, “Too Much” is a song you’ll find yourself deeply infatuated with.

We asked Eric to put together some of his current favorite dance tunes, including cuts from Justin Jay and The Chemical Brothers. Tune in below!

Justin Jay ft. Josh Taylor – Ease Up
After riding the quirky tech house wave with a string of Dirtybird releases, Justin Jay decided to follow his heart and pivot, forming a live band for the new songs he was writing. In the often overwhelming times we live in, this song is a reminder to be kind to ourselves. Message matters.

Motez ft Antony & Cleopatra – The Future (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Absolutely love what Purple Disco Machine is doing, and this remix checks all the boxes for me. Pensive, emotive, and beautiful take on Motez’s cut that hits me right in the feels. I can dance, cry, or both to this.

The Chemical Bros ft. Beck – Wide Open (Joe Goddard Remix)
This got nominated for a grammy last year and I really wish it had won. Goddard’s incredible synth work takes you on a meandering voyage, subtly adding layer after layer in a slow-burning crescendo with Beck’s vocals interweaved throughout.

Riton ft. MNEK & House Gospel Choir – Deeper
MNEK hit my radar on Duke Dumont’s breakout song “Need U (100%.)” I’m a bit of a sucker for 90’s house themed tunes, and this new collab with Riton respectfully nods to house music’s gospel roots by literally pairing MNEK’s soulful tones with a choir.

Camelphat & Elderbrook – Cola
Every so often an underground tune is just catchy enough to cross over and all I can do is tip my hat. Cola features a nonchalant vocal riding atop a dark, minimal soundscape that would be just at home in a Berlin afterhours as it would on a fashion runway.

Kölsch – Grey
I recently had the privilege of attending Pete Tong’s live show at the Hollywood Bowl where he had a 64 piece orchestra performing with him. They did a live rendition of Grey and it was mindblowing. The horns in this instrumental offering get me every time.

Klangstof – Hostage (Sasha Remix)
I did a house remix of this awesome song for the label and they turned it down. My ego was bruised. Then I heard this immaculate version by a legend and I didn’t feel so bad.

Moon Boots – Red Sky
Moon Boots is a wizard on the keyboards. His original work ranges from deep introspective tunes to funky groovers, with this hitting the former end of the spectfum. Red Sky is probably my favorite tune on his debut ‘First Landing’ album, showing off his signature sophisticated interweaving of melodies and harmonies.

Jamie XX ft Romy – Loud Places
I was so bummed to see Jamie XX part ways with the band, and this collab with Romy (the lead singer) helped quench my thirst for more collaboration. The song is a poignant look at people’s differences in their approach to the world, presumably during or after a breakup.

Moby – Into The Blue
Moby is handily one of my strongest musical influences. This song is from Everything Is Wrong, the album that turned me onto him. It’s staggering to me how much brilliant work he’s been putting out for decades.

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