FAULT Magazine in conversation with Kamille – FAULTs and All


Words: Miles Holder

Kamille first caught my attention with the release of the official music video to her single ‘Body’ featuring Avelino. While it might be the first time you’ve heard her name, she has been the songwriter behind some of the biggest pop hits. Kamille penned FAULT featured artists, Little Mix’s ‘Black Magic’ and ‘Shout Out To My Ex’.

‘Body’ is not at all like the songs above; it’s an electronically infused RnB single where Kamille exclaims “You only want me for my body, you don’t give a fuck about my mind”. The video isn’t your standard your “get your shit I’m gone” twirling on the haters, RnB music video either, it’s a beautiful ode to the body’s most attractive of flaws which here at FAULT magazine, we clearly loved. Directed by Crack Stevens and staring Munroe Bergdorf – it’s a masterpiece for the way it beautifully captures the human body, in all its beautiful shapes, colours and sizes.

With her EP dropping last Friday, I sat down with Kamille to find out more about her songwriting to discuss body image and to bask in all her FAULTs.



As a songwriter, you have all these hits under your name, what drove you to spend more time on yourself to get your own voice out there?

I always wanted to be artists, and that was always my goal, but at the time I started, I think my songwriting was stronger than my voice. I tried to make it as a singer at first but at the time it didn’t work, so I stuck to songwriting because I loved it. Through the songs, I’ve written for other people I felt like I was living as an artist through the singers performing them and that was enough. I always mean what I write and that kept me satisfied.


Is there a different process when you write for yourself and other people?

With songs that I sing, I’m not censored because I know exactly what it is I’m feeling; I don’t mind swearing, and you’ll hear it in my EP that I’m raw and unfiltered. I think when I write for other people I have to think about their fan base and their age, but for myself, I can be a lot more critical and take more time to get into my head.


On your EP you’re letting it all out, is it difficult to put so much of your heartache out on your debut?

Not at all! It’s so easy I finally I have a voice. I’ve been doing it through all the songs that I’ve written like ‘Rain’ which was recorded by The Script was about a break up I’ve experienced. I’ve always been talking about it but through other people but now that all the focus is on my own experience it’s so much easier.

Watch the music video to ‘Body’ above


Body is a beautiful video, how did you and Crack Stevens get together on that?

I’ve loved him for years and thought he was incredible, but I never thought he’d be available to work with me because he’s so massive and I’m a new artist. As it turns out, he loved the song and wanted to be an art of it, so we met up in Brixton and got talking; he wanted to showcase the body and all its flaws which is something I wanted to do. I think we both had a lot of insecurities about ourselves through myself and my friends, social media and it’s something we felt strongly about.


Did you feel responsible as an artist to show impressionable fans the truth behind perceived perfection?

I feel strongly about body image and body positivity; I have another song on my EP about it. I’ve had a lot of insecurities and being a woman and seeing visions of beauty on social media every morning it did and does affect me. I’m pleased to tackle that topic straight away, and I want people to feel strongly about their image because there have been times I’ve deleted my Instagram account because I’d seen so many beautiful photos of women and I wasn’t them. I love everyone for who they are, and I feel like the most beautiful flaws are what makes us perfect.


Is it easier for you to now engage with social media now that you understand that the images you’re seeing aren’t real and that nobody is perfect?

It is, but it’s all in moderation. There are times when you can be on Instagram, and you end up with a random person who you don’t know and feeling envious. That’s something I’ve had to be aware of and just cut back on how much I’m taking in.


Are you an artist who knows when a song is done or do you go back and make changes up until the last minutes before release?

I do that a lot! I could write a song now, and it won’t come out for two years, and in that time you can get in your head and think you need to perfect all these little things. My management is good at telling me “no Kamille, it’s fine!” There are some songs that I have changed since I first got in the studio and I love how real they sound.


What are you listening to at the moment?

It’s so hard because I listen to everything, but I’d have to say, Post Malone, I think he’s incredible!


What is your FAULT?

I just ghost people! If I get scared of business or getting in too deep I can just go ghost and I know it’s so bad! It’s something I need to work on!


Kamille’s EP is out now!