Grace Weber channels old school soul in her new single “More Than Friends” (FAULT Premiere)

Do you remember those paper “fortune cookies” all the kids were making in grade school? You would pick two numbers out of a randomly pre-selected set as determined by your all-knowing paper crafting friend. Each of the four corners would open to reveal some deep dark secret or foreshadow something to come. It was the Magic 8 ball before Magic 8 balls were a thing.

Anyway, that’s a bit of a tangent, but also totally relevant when we’re talking about Brooklyn-based singer and Grammy Award winning artist Grace Weber and her new single “More Than Friends,” which we’re happy to premiere on FAULT today. The artwork features said paper craft fortune cookie, and the track itself exudes a nostalgic longing, expressed through Grace’s old-school soul vocals, and minimal composition. Soft guitar plucks, thoughtful synths and Grace’s vocal acrobatics make “More Than Friends” a tune of tunes. Stream it below.

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