Starley: FAULT Magazine Get To Know One Of Australia’s Most Exciting Musicians

Get To Know: Starley


Starley first hit our radar with the release of her single ‘Call on Me‘ which received critical acclaim and stormed into the charts across the globe. With the release of Starley’s ‘Been Meaning To Tell you’ releasing at the tail end of October, we caught up with Starley to discuss, motivation, new music and all things FAULT.


FAULT: Your musician story is very much about resilience and you’ve really fought for your place in the industry today. What kept you driven up to the point of Call On Me, what kept you from not giving up?

Starley: Music has always been my first love. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve wanted to be in music, so it’s this dream that lives deep in my core. I tried various paths, trying to be an artist when I was younger, then deciding I was going to be a songwriter and trying that route and eventually I was brought back to being an artist. The thing that kept me going was that drive to live my dream. I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else. There was a time, before I wrote Call on Me that I started getting really depressed. I thought, I’ve been working so hard, and I’ve tried every door and it’s not working for me, so maybe it’s not meant for me. So I started thinking about other careers. I thought about becoming a personal trainer so I could work with people and be out doors. But, getting a place where I was even thinking about a career change broke my heart and led me to the keyboard in my old bedroom in my parent’s house (where I had moved back to) which is where and when I wrote “Call on Me”. When I wrote that song I knew I had to sing it and it’s become a massive record for me! I really feel it was God helping to keep me on my path, and along with that, it was just the ability to go with my gut and listening to my heart that kept me moving forward, even through the darker times.


FAULT: Within the industry, it’s not uncommon for people to want to change and alter artists into a completely different image, how do you ensure that everything you do is 100%, Starley?

Starley: I think because my first record kind of blew up from obscurity, I’ve been able to really own my image, style and sound. Occasionally I’ll try things that don’t really feel like me to see if it will work, but if it’s not right, at the end of the day, I won’t do it!


FAULT: Can you explain the feeling of fighting for so long to get your music out there and then to finally receive the widespread international recognition for your work?

Starley: It’s amazing. It feels like a weight that gets lifted off your shoulders and for a minute you’re able to just breathe and think, ok, I was right. I am meant to be doing this. But then that quickly fades and you start focusing on the next record and how to get that one done and out into the world! Haha!


FAULT: What keeps you motivated?

Starley: God, my family, my friends and my love of music!


FAULT: When you’re in the process of making music, how do you know when a song is right?

Starley: It’s sort of a feeling. Sometimes when I’m writing it I can feel it, but sometimes it’s when I listen back to it and I’m able to think, yes, this is something!


FAULT: Whats one thing you’d never apologise for?

Starley: Good question, maybe that I won’t compromise who I am just to succeed!

FAULT: When can we expect to hear more music/what can we expect from your upcoming work?

Starley: Well, my next single is out now and I have more coming… definitely an album next year!!


FAULT: If you could give any advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Starley: Believe in yourself and go with your instincts! Oh, and don’t take advise from people you wouldn’t want to be! I love that advice.


FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Starley: Hmmm…. My biggest fault would probably be that I’m indecisive as hell. With relationships, to music, to what I want to eat…haha.