5 Things Every Music Lover Needs

Music lovers seem to live by their own soundtrack. There is always music playing. Whether the music is of the same genre or a unique mix that works for that person, having access to music is essential. When you are a music lover, you need to be connected to the tunes you love. Make it easy by keeping these things around.

Check Your SIM

Music lovers need to have a way to take their music with them wherever they go. Having the right mobile phone and the right data plan is a good way to go. If you don’t have a mobile phone plan that offers unlimited data, you are missing out. Whatever phone you have, consider swapping the SIM card for a prepaid plan with unlimited data. Not only does this option let you keep your phone number and your phone, it lets you listen to the music you love all day long, without any commitments to a carrier or contract to consider.

Headphones Matter

When you love music, you want to make sure you can always hear it. Headphones are an easy way to do that, but not just any will do. Invest in headphones that are over-the-ear and noise-canceling for the best, most uninterrupted music quality. You will be able to experience the songs you love with clarity and volume, all with just the right amount of bass. Bose or Beats by Dr. Dre are the industry leaders because they provide all these characteristics while making sure that you never miss a call. Both headphones have answer buttons so you can answer the phone and talk without removing your headphones.

Buy a Portable Speaker

You should also invest in a Bluetooth speaker. Music is meant to be shared and a Bluetooth speaker makes it easy to do so. They are portable and the sound quality can be impressive depending on which model you buy. Plus, many of these devices are small and durable. Some are even waterproof. Set it up while you clean the house or are together with friends so nothing comes between you and the music. Whether your travels take you to the beach, a rooftop deck or your back porch, a portable speaker helps you stay connected to your favorite music.

Take Out Music Subscriptions

Music subscriptions are also a good idea. There are record clubs that deliver curated records each month and many of them come with extra goodies like art prints or a cocktail recipe and you can specify the types of music you like best. Remember music subscription services as well. Even if you prefer vinyl or owning compact discs of your favorite songs, a subscription service like Spotify or Apple Music makes it easy to discover new music and listen to songs that you might like in a moment but don’t want to keep forever. Plus, if you have unlimited data, you can stream your favorite songs wherever you go. You can help your friends discover new music, share playlists and follow curated collections.

Consider Novelties

Music lovers may also enjoy music-related novelties. There is a large variety of fun and kitschy products that let you explore music and demonstrate your interest in fun ways. From scrapbooks that let you collect ticket stubs from all the concerts you attend to doormats and coasters that look like your favorite records, from measuring spoons that look like musical notes to flash drives that are disguised like mix tapes, with a little research you can find something that indicates your interests and fits your lifestyle.