New music Monday: Toby Randall

Roc Nation has a tradition of signing great artists and discovering young talents far before anyone else in the industry. With the signing of young Brit, Toby Randall, it certainly seems like they’re on to another winner.

Toby first rose to prominence on the video-sharing app, Vine where he amassed a huge following and became recognized by some of the biggest creators on the platform. It’s 2017 now and Vine is long dead and buried and what of Toby? He’s gone from earning the recognition of other viners to being recognized by the likes of Nicki Minaj, Troye Sivan, Camila Cabello…So he’s doing pretty well…!

Toby hasn’t abandoned his online followers, however; now on YouTube, he’s still uploading his covers to over 700,000 subscribers and has now had over 120 million views/loops in his very short career.

Today Toby Randall has released the music single for his single ‘Landslide’ ft DJ Khaled – (yes THE DJ Khaled) and the industry has halted to attention – us included! We’ll be keeping an ear to the ground to see what’s next for Toby but we’ve learnt anything from his past movements – he’s going straight to the top!

Listen to single ‘Landslide’ ft DJ Khaled below!