Melbourne artist elkkle is making waves there’s no dying that. The burgeoning artist has recently closed out a tour supporting Golden Vessel along to run alongside a feature on the fellow Australian’s single “Shoulders.” With all of this under his belt, elkkle is an artist that’s starting to bubble over the surface.

In anticipation of his debut solo EP, elkke has released a new single “Fails,” a track about the relationship between mental and physical health. Your ears and imagination will conjure up images of fragility, yet leave you feeling empowered with his strength of conviction.

We asked elkkle to put together a playlist of his current favorite tracks, and it’s clear that he has a wide range of influences. Check out his selections below and fall into a deep, deep groove that will carry you into the weekend.

Noname – Shadow Man

“This song is pure existential bliss. I love the thought of all these fantastic musicians sitting around the studio sharing their thoughts and experiences of death, and trying to paint their own cool picture of the afterlife and the world they leave behind. Makes me all warm and fuzzy and humbled.”

Lonelyspeck – Settle

“It would be understatement to say I love the music of Lonelyspeck. I’m really inspired by everything in here – the kick placements that toy with your expectations, the delicate vocals and thoughtful lyric of self-realization, the incredible sound design. Most of all what I love is that it all just sounds fearless.”

Aphir – Can’t Comfort

“Aphir is making some of the most unique music coming out of Australia. Her soft vocals bring a sensitivity made powerful by bold production.”

Apollo – Nobody (ft Jay Cooper)

“There’s something happening in LA, stirring and hidden, and this is the first glimpse.
Not much more to say. This track is huge.”

Galimatias – Won’t Forget

“I’ve never heard a song climax like this. Not to mention the journey that comes afterwards. It’s hard to stop this track from putting you right where it wants you – nostalgic, thinking about your crush and wishing they were there to dance with you.”

Leftenent – We Can Do Better

“I remember I was on a train in Sydney to a friend’s house (who happens to also be on this list) when I first heard this. The profound feeling I experienced was something I’d never had happen before.

Leftenent’s music conjures up imagery of vast spaces and vivid colors, yet somehow feels restrained – like it wants to let you down easy, and make you understand.”

Lupa J – Keep Back

“Lupa J’s esoteric sound is one you cannot find in any other artist.
She’s pushing song writing somewhere gritty and honest, while retaining pop undertones. Her blistering production that’s always striking to hear. All self-produced!

I’ve seen her live, too, and that is something special indeed.”

htmlFlowers – Chrome Halo

“htmlFlowers is making music that gives a voice to those that rarely get a chance to. Without putting him up on a pedestal, I just think it’s straight-up important listening. Besides that the lyrics are thoughtful and honest and the beats are as just as heavy.

Banoffee’s vocals hit that spot Banoffee is best at hitting: Standoffish, charming and unapologetic.”

Nico Niquo – In A Silent Way

“Silence is a part of music often misunderstood by artists and listeners as empty time. No sound, no meaning, nothing said. But oh boy does this piece say a lot with its silence, careful pacing and movement. Nico is an artist worthy of the tunneled eyes of history.”

Golden Vessel – Shoulders ft. elkkle & Mallrat

“Golden Vessel is one of the sharpest producers out there, creating sounds that are immediately relatable and fun to listen to, while still having enough bite and intrigue to keep lovers of sound design on their toes. He’s probably going to change the game altogether pretty soon. This track was so much fun to work on. It came together so naturally which is a testament to GV as a collaborator. Keep an eye out for his name in the credits of your next favourite car-trip track; ‘cause everything he touches turns golden (eyyyyyy lmao).

Mallrat is already changing the game, to be honest. A super talented writer and vocalist, she’s ahead of her time in many ways. Also has the best fan base I’ve seen.”

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