DIESEL launch FAULTLess, ‘Go With The Flaw’ campaign

It’s no big secret that here at FAULT we’ve long grown tired of the notion of perfection; a belief so important that we base our entire magazine around it! Times, they are a’changing, and it’s wonderful to see a fashion brand as iconic as Diesel join the fight against flawlessness with the release of their ‘Go With The Flaw’ campaign which encourages fashion lovers to flaunt their flaws – it’s only natural, eh?

Of course for Diesel, challenging conformity is nothing new, since the brand’s inception in 1978, they have always sought to break the mould (or more appropriately) break the perceived “perfect mould” surrounding the fashion industry. From their 1994 ad featuring real life couple, Bob and Rod Jackson-Pari embraced in a (controversial for the time) same-sex embrace to featuring fashion model Jillian Mercado in their Spring 2014 campaign, while never explicitly stating it – Diesel has been fighting for inclusivity within the fashion industry for decades.

Now, Diesel has thrown another swing in their battle against conformity with the release of a short film directed by the famed Francois Rousselet, known best for his work with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Madonna and The Rolling Stones. Casting models who challenge people’s perception of “beauty”, Diesel encourage fans to “go with pride, grab the front seat and enjoy the ride” – and we’re cheering right alongside them!


In their own words, Diesel exclaim “perfection is sooo boring, so find a little bravery to wear your flaws with pride! Whatever it may be – we say don’t hide it, flaunt it.”

Here at FAULT, we commend Diesel for once again using their platform and voice to shine a light on the flaws which all of us have – yet seldom see highlighted so beautifully for what they are. Another iconic showing from the brand truly “doing the most” for the utmost flawed of us.