Premiere: Ryan McMullan talks us through new track ‘Oh Susannah’ and touring with Ed Sheeran

Hailing from Portaferry, a small seaside town in Northern Ireland, 26 year old Ryan McMullan is a fresh talent on the singer/songwriter scene and in the short space of 3 years has made his way from the small clubs in Ireland to playing in Arenas to thousands of people. He has had multiple successful tours; opening a 31 date tour with Ed Sheeran in 2017, playing a handful of shows in NYC one being a headline sold out show in the Rockwood Music Hall, touring with the likes of Foy Vance in America, the UK and Europe, American alt-country rockers NEEDTOBREATHE, Snow Patrol, Ciaran Lavery and Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi).
Today he debuts new track ‘Oh Susannah’ exclusively on Fault. The video also features clips from the tour with Ed. Here we had a chat with him about the experience, and what’s next.
Can you tell us more on what “Oh Susannah” is about? 

I guess the obvious answer is being in love with Susannah but I think it relates because it also talks about life after love and wanting to be there regardless of circumstance. 

How did Ed Sheeran find out about you? 

I was supporting Foy Vance in London. Ed came to the show, watched my set and afterwards came up to me to offer the tour support. 

What did you learn from touring with him? 

That I love what I do and intend on doing it for as long as the world lets me

What’s in store for the rest of 2017 for Ryan McMullan? 

My first headline tour begins in September through until November, so prepare for that, maybe release a couple more songs between now and the end of the year too. 

What is your FAULT? 

My fault is my complete lack of ability to touch my toes.

Get stuck into ‘Oh Susannah’ below.


Words Cody Fitzpatrick