Introducing Klyne – exclusive FAULT interview

FAULT: Hi Klyne, so how did you both meet?
Klyne: We met through mutual friends group just under a decade ago.

Has growing up in Helmond helped shape your sound in any way?
In some ways, yes. Helmond is a pretty quiet and peaceful place to live – there definitely isn’t much of a music scene going on here compared to the bigger cities like Amsterdam, which means there’s less to directly influence us.

What has been one of the weirdest / funniest gigs you have done?
That would be the first support show we had with Years & Years. Just before our final song our equipment decided to fail, leaving only the piano and vocals working in front of 5000 people… We ended up having to play our track “Closer” with just piano and vocals which was pretty terrifying, but the crowd’s response was insane.

What were some of the artists you both listened to growing up?
We have fairly different music tastes: Ferdous is more into dark electronic music like Soulwax and Aphex Twin, whereas I (Nick) have always been drawn towards big voices such as Jamie Lidell and Stevie Wonder.

When it comes to writing music, is there a source of inspiration or a routine you both go through?
Up until now we have made all the music in Ferdous’ small bedroom, writing, producing and mixing all in one room, and recording the vocals in-between two mattress – it’s the space we feel most comfortable making music. Ferdous tends to start by making a beat or a loop on his own, adding various vocal hooks until we’ve got the core of the song written, I then come in and vocal the track and we try ideas then.

How does it feel having your track ‘Water Flow’ played over 6 million times on Spotify?
It’s amazing that so many people have listened to it, especially considering it was made in Ferdous’ family bedroom. That’s like, almost half of our own country’s population…!

Who would you like to most collaborate with?
We might potentially consider working with Kanye.

You’ve supported the likes of Years & Years, Christine and the Queens and Metronomy, did they offer out any advice?
Not directly but I think the most important message they all gave us was “have fun!!”.

For anyone yet to see you perform, how would you describe your live shows?
We make all our music in Ferdous’ small bedroom, so to be able to translate that to a live show is really important to us. We put a lot of effort into reinventing the songs to work on stage and with a band.

What’s next for Klyne?
Our upcoming album the 30th of June and we cannot wait for everyone to hear. It will be accompanied by lots of touring and festivals around Europe.

Debut album ‘Klyne’ is out now.


Words Jack Lloyd