Laboured construction was the vibe at the Phoebe English Man presentation, where the collection seemed to naturally re-invent the meaning of casual menswear. Functionality overtook decoration as the concept was based upon the development of textiles and finishes and being mindful with fabrics. Using natural fibres, the collection featured canvas linens, lightweight cottons and comfy denim. The clothing evoked a utilitarian feel, shirt dresses, loose joggers and button shirts were displayed in sky blues and grassy greens and worn in boxy layers. Outerwear that looked durable to the eye came in the form of loose fitting trench coats and collarless long bomber jackets. The clothes almost looked clinical, yet were toughened up with oversized seams, externally visible on the minimal striped jumpers and sandy cropped shorts. The models were accessorised with slouching backpacks, workman boots and thick sock and stood moulding pottery from lumps of clay to truly show the refreshing practically and ease of the collection- even if it looked like a solo scene from Ghost.

Words: Sarah Barnes