Highly regarded for her influence in the ‘80’s London club scene, designer Michiko Koshino doesn’t strike out updating 1940s American baseball this season. Merely glancing at the collection one can see the complementary relationship between Japanese influence and the archetypal intricacies of the American sport. Traditional baseball attributes lead the way for the designs: thin vertical stripes, drawstring hoods, popper buttons, snapback hats, oversized jackets and shirts, and ruched tracksuit bottoms. These were all accentuated by Japanese characteristics; high-vis war paint nodding to the ancient warrior collection of last season, Japanese script plastered carefully across t-shirts, graphic print tees camouflaged behind angular pattern cutting and zipper detailing. Wide three-quarter length bottoms and shirtsleeves alike, revealed a mix of chartreuse and bright orange socks and wristbands in stark contrast to the industrial shades of the garments. Dependency of warm, utilitarian materials like cottons, nylons and jerseys coordinated with the overall luxe theme, giving a refreshing vibe to the already crowded sportswear compendium.

Words: Emily Simpson