Reflecting on the political state of today, the Matthew Miller show was based on degenerates. “the process of degenerating, the condition or state of being a degenerate.” The location was at St. Sepulchre church in Farringdon – a stark contrast to the grungy models that stormed down the runway. The diverse cast had smudged black lipstick painted slightly askew on their lips and were clad in asymmetric silhouettes and a dark colour palette.


Collaborating with Hancock, a British company specialising in vulcanised rubber garments, the models had hard, structured outer layers including macs and trenches using this fabric. Whilst the exterior was hard, the interior had sportswear influences, like fabrics and flowed with the likes of the Japanese silk scarves. Not one to shy away from political opinion, perhaps the theme of degenerates stemmed from the issue of young voter’s voices not being heard – a timely execution in line with the recent election.

Words: Lizzie Griffin