Taking on this savage world, the KTZ SS18 show had themes of ‘Lord of the Flies’ running through its seams. The cast walked down the runway in utilitarian-inspired street wear with unexpected silhouettes, clad in cargo pants, parkas and even a rebellious cover-up, which may have resembled a poncho.For a military-esque look, the khaki, black and silver tones gave it that dystopian feel, and this was felt more with the military badges and outerwear emblazoned with ‘EXTREME NOISE’ and ‘THIS IS REALITY’.


Detailing was well thought out in this collection again reflecting the post-apocalyptic inspiration – knitwear looked partially destroyed with spider-web-like holes, shoe laces were swapped out for cable ties, hems and seams were held together by harsh metal staples and soda can pulls were made into shirts and draped down from baseball caps. In chainmail realness, the models looked like a force to be reckoned with, as if they were about to march into a war with power, instinct and survival being key.


Words: Lizzie Griffin