Obsessed with finding the uses of new fabrics and materials, the sustainable conscious Christopher Raeburn catwalk showcased a collection of functionally minded clothes. The show was inspired by Slavomir Rawicz’s “The Long Walk’ – an epic 4000 mile story of adventure and survival across the Gobi desert and the rocky extremes of the Himalayas. Therefore it was only natural to use of techy fabrics, performance materials, e.g. cotton that cools you down and comfy boots made in collaboration with Palladium.


Using a colour palette of neon orange and almost 50-shades of grey, there were also hints of camouflage that fed in nicely to the sportswear-inspired shapes. Tulle was fashioned into sheer sportswear panels and macs, anoraks and parkas were made of cooling cotton protecting the wearer from the sun. With sustainability running through the seams, Christopher Raeburn worked with Exkite making pre-flown kites into authentic, re-made garments, and hanging ribbons read ‘re-made’, ‘reduced’ and ‘recycled’ – an unmistakable environmentally-friendly message. The dessert, the mountains, the urban jungle (a.k.a. any big city) – you could wear this collection anywhere.


Words: Lizzie Griffin