An exploration between the vulnerability of sheer fabrics juxtaposed with the machismo of barbed wire was just one of the combinations at Bodybound’s SS18 show that subtly exposed the political turmoil of the ‘70s. “WE SHALL NOT WILT” is appliquéd across over-dyed denim jackets, a quote by Abbie Hoffman who in 1968 formed a political part in the US protesting against the Vietnam War. Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ echoed down the catwalk contrasting with the slick silhouettes of the collection. And while the ‘70s are the main influencer, the duo Champion and Pliny acknowledge the turbulence surrounding modern day politics, economics and gender issues with Peace symbols and true adorned “flower power”. Dusty blues were the powering force behind the colour palette, with accents of whites, greys and blacks; a nod to the modern masculine man, amongst feminine detailing. Well-tailored, minimalism, utilitarian and clean lines all describe the aesthetic; a wildflower Jacquard printed trouser suit with matching boots blurred the seams between masculinity and femininity. Jumping on the embroidered patches bandwagon, Bodybound instead stitches embellished flowers to punk up their garments, manipulating flora and fauna into symbols of rebellion.


Words: Emily Simpson