Strongly influenced by the 70’s, 80’s and the adventurous riders of the Paris Dakar Rally, Belstaff’s SS18 collection was a mirage of luxurious fabrics, bold prints and functional designs. Inspired by the romantic landscape of North Africa, the colour palette resembled sun bleached pastels, bold coppers and burnt oranges. These tones were complimented by 70’s sage greens and 80’s contrasting yellows and blues. The models stood and sat soaked in Belstaff’s heritage denim. Tailored jeans and denim shirts were presented with patchwork details, while a strong sportswear element shone through with oversized Moto jackets. Leather, made for the summer, came burnished in texture and in the form of bombers and biker jackets, refreshed with embroidered Phoenix logos and perforated details, adding a vintage feel. Graphic prints also adorned skirts and knitwear tops, a mix of mosaic and python designs and motorcycle racing stripes resembled the sportswear sponsorships from heyday advertising. Models held suede rucksacks and looked out through structured eyewear, epitomising accessories for urban living. The collection in its entirety focused on lightweight and technical designs such a laser cutting and waterproof nylons to create outerwear suitable for ranging climates and terrains- cleverly fusing decoration and technicality, all through a sepia coloured filter.

Words: Sarah Barnes