Tove Styrke spills on comeback single ‘Say My Name’ and future plans

Swedish singer Tove Styrke dropped her latest single, “Say My Name,” in April via Sony Music. The track, produced by Elof Loelv, could potentially be a part of her third studio album, but for now, she’s taking things one song at a time.

FAULT: How does “Say My Name” compare with the songs you’ve made before?

Tove: On my last album, it was me looking on the world, sort of outrospect. The sound was very big kind of vibe. It was a lot of instruments and different things. This time it’s more introspect. It’s more about “the feeling”—those little things that go on inside you. It’s a love song. The sound is very minimal. I tried to strip it down as much as I possibly could.

FAULT: The title reminds me of two other songs: the Destiny’s Child track of the same name, and your 2011 single “Call My Name.” Did either of those influence this song?

Tove: They actually didn’t. But I love “Say My Name,” the original.

FAULT: What are your plans for the near future? Do you have a new album coming ?

Tove: No plans for an album yet. My ambition for this summer and fall is just to keep working on songs, simultaneously writing and releasing. We’ll see what comes of it. Maybe we’ll put it together later, but I’m keeping it quite open.

FAULT: Zara Larsson told Billboard that Swedish audiences are much more likely to use Spotify, which started in Sweden, than they are to purchase music or use another streaming service. Has that been your experience with the Swedish section of your audience as well?

Tove: We’ve had Spotify for a long time, so it’s been the main source for people here to listen to music for years now.

FAULT: What was your experience on Swedish Idol in 2009 like?

Tove: It was great for me. I don’t have any complicated feelings about it. I got a record deal, and it worked out well.

FAULT: What is your FAULT?

Tove: I think I assume that people don’t like me, which I need to stop doing. Because generally, people are nice.


Watch the video for ‘Say My Name’ below.

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Words Cody Fitzpatrick

Photos Emma Svensson