Start the weekend with R.LUM.R’s exclusive playlist

Reggie Williams, better known as R.LUM.R, compiles an exclusive Fault playlist.

Bill Evans – Peace Piece

‘Peace Piece’ is calm and spacious. Perfect for quieting the mind.


Brad Mehldau – Don’t Be Sad

This one has that beautiful transforming sax melody that makes me slow down and feel nostalgic


Feist – Anti-Pioneers

The guitar part sounds so forlorn and sad. If I need to be sad, I pull that up.


Lana Del Rey – Love

Lana’s Love is the ultimate nostalgia trip. “Cause we’re young and in love” makes me feel so strongly like a teen again, waiting for that certain woman’s call.


Radiohead – Give Up The Ghost

‘Give Up The Ghost’ is a song I sometimes play while I’m sleeping. Super peaceful environment, even though the lyric is sad.


The National – Graceless

This track gives me energy. The swelling arrangement (especially near the end) gets me focused/energized.


James Blake – Choose Me

This is music that makes me feel analytical. It’s great music for when you need to figure out a problem and you feel sort of neutral


Finding Hope – Wonder

‘Wonder’ is a great track for imagining. It sounds like a great fantasy video game, so it takes me to those places. Helps me put myself in new shoes.


Low – Whitetail

This is really emo and pouty. It starts out very small but dynamically grows to the point of almost having to turn it down, but then wanes right at the right moment. It’s this anxious, unsettling thing that I put on when I’m unsettled.


And of course, check out one of R.LUM.R’s very own, ‘Frustrated’.


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