Glastonbury’s random but genius selected lineup

There has been a lot of hype around the Glasto line-up this year. For some – it’s a wild concoction which lacks in consistency or themes but for me, I see this as a genius move from the organisers to truly attract a more diverse array of festival goers which we can’t really FAULT them for.

Those with eclectic music tastes will also revel in the fact that they can see Solange, Ed Sheeran, Lorde and Stormzy all at one festival. Do I want to hear non-stop guitar music throughout all of Glastonbuy? No. Which is why it’s so handy having such an array of talent. Not to mention that no one is being used to hit a quota or has been shoved in. Every act has had a whirlwind 2016 and 2017; be it with Glass Animals ‘How to be a human’ album receiving rave review to Stormzy and Boy Better Know ushering a new wave of Grime music to gain radio play.

See the full lineup and ticket info below!