Get to know: Spoek Mathambo and Lars Iversen’s new project ‘HOT ICE’

Introducing Hot Ice, the incredible new project from Copenhagen based producer and songwriter Lars Iversen and South Africa based MC/Producer/Artist Spoek Mathambo. The first taste of Hot Ice comes in the form of their irresistible single ‘Lola’, an uplifting and bouncy slice of summery, tropical dub-pop, due for release on 24th March 2017 via Atlantic Records. The track also features guest vocals from Mattias Kolstrup, lead singer of renowned Danish electronic band Dúné.

 Critically successful artists in their own right, Hot Ice sees a first time collaboration between Lars Iversen and Spoek Mathambo; with Iversen known as the founder, producer and main songwriter of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, and Mathambo as a hugely influential and pioneering electronic artist and producer both within his native South Africa and the wider world.