Sun City

Perth duo Sun City have pleasured our ears with tracks off their “Daytona EP” that is the perfect companion to the fact that it’s the first day of Spring. The duo, comprised of Tobias John and Daniel Mackey, have allowed this record to be a vessel to share what’s been happening while they’ve been in hibernation.

The EP recalls the glory days of nu-disco and echoes the tropicana beats of production heavyweights like Fred Falke and Gigamesh. We asked Sun City to put together some of their favorite Spotify songs and it’s no surprise that they’ve selected some of their Australian buddies like The Aston Shuffle and Pnau to lead the charge. Take a listen below!

Benson – Trying (feat. Yeo)

“The combination of these two Aussie guys is fire. Production lords! Both well and truly doing big things ATM, they have created something really special. Full of melancholy melody’s and heart hitting hooks this track really hits the spot. Get around it!”

Crooked Colours – Flow

“Growing up in the scene with these 3 dudes, watching and listing to there tunes has been awesome. Their new track Flow has them really showing us what they can do. Lead singer Phil’s vocals and story telling really sets the tone for this song. Accompanied by some beachy surf rock beats and Wavy synth sections, it makes us feel like We’re at some kind of psychedelic beach party. Lovin it!”

New Order – Age of Consent

“A classic track by one of the classic 80’s dance floor kings. Age of consent pretty self-explanatory. A coming of age song! A track that just makes you want to grab all your mates and road trip down the coast. Making your own adventure and getting into trouble.”

Commandeur – Speak your mind (ft. Yeo)

Pnau – Chameleon

“Yeah ok it’s a bit of a banger (is that even a bad thing? Surely not), but Chameleon is the latest release from Oz dance outfit PNAU! It’s been a while between tunes but it was worth the wait! It is everything and more you’d expect from legends of the scene. They just know how do right. It’s Progressive and super catchy!”

Tourist – Too Late

“British lord Tourist is that one guy on the scene who has just mastered the progression of a beat and sound. Such simple changes thru out his tracks create whole new ways of hearing them. It is a skill! This track too late is prime example. Always gets you moving.”

The Aston Shuffle – Pass You By

“These two guys have been a massive inspiration to us. Both as super talented artists, but also just super nice guys (cue the time they took us out to dinner five years ago when we supported them in Perth – it was our first big show!). Talented and always pushing the envelope with what aussie dance music is, and the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet. Their new track Pass You By continues to hit all the right places.”

Danny Darko – Los Angeles (Slinko Remix )

“Such a funky, tropical, house jam with a pop polish. With hooks in all the right places and a solid cruising 4 on the floor. This remix sets you up for a good afternoon in the sun with your mates.”

Gigamesh – The Music

“We love this track and is a regular in our Dj sets. It always gets the crowd moving. With such a suitable name for a song, “the Music” is a track that shows how all the different moving parts of a track come together to give us a joyous dance floor jam.”

Bonobo – Kerela

“The musical landscapes created in Bonobos tracks are more than often ridiculous! Being able to pull at your soul from a few sound waves and changing your moods… you have to give credit. This track Kerela is a bit of a lounge track, showing off their percussive prowess and emotive melodies. True artists!”

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