Rafal Swiader sweeps through this season with the intentional and so accurately well tailored uniformed wear. A men’s familiarity of smooth and straight steady true, there is an unalterable essence of this epically functional menswear. Gifted pieces dotted with classical white laced Dr. Martens and the talented traditional closet necessities of our favorited white buttoned downs, leopard loves, neutral grey cold weather beanies, essentials plaids, and black trousers all satisfyingly set to create a serenading culture of artistic melodies.

They could be the boys with the handwritten poetic lyrics, or the ones strumming the guitar, the book nosed intellect, and the handsome storytellers of all, or even the Jordan Catalano’s we wish to run into, star-crossed gazing in the adolescent youthful school house halls. Thoughtfully frayed trims, respectfully rebellious and gently recalled red plaided UK punk touches begin to tell a story we are all eager to hear. Swiader’s collection stands prideful with conscious execution presenting a unique invitation into this selective and unforgettably cool band of representation.

Words: Chaunielle Brown | Photographer: Julie Warner