A championed rhetoric, bold and intrusive, welcomed and readily read, PRIVATE POLICY rings in this season with fighting truth. Typographically tatted, scripted cross the face, from the “nerdy, violent, sneaky, criminal, terrorist, shy, stuck up, rude, refugee, greedy, drug dealer,” amongst the labels we’ve been given and we slap on ourselves. Craftily chained and ruthless, unashamed without regard for catty critics, PRIVATE POLICY reigns in a stoic stance of strength.

A fusion of color across the threads paralleled to the comprehensive and united nations we represent, global citizens, collective and one, forever together. With the fiery society that now surrounds, we all look towards any and every which way to fully contribute and broadcast truth, belief and faith. Silence traded for unwavering standing statements. Dashing collared blue denim, oversized and cropped, military hues, grafting greys, cooked up tell it like it is tees, coordinated chartreuse highlights with intuitively quilted layers cooperatively coexist and trumpet us through the darkened wilderness.

Words: Chaunielle Brown | Photographer: Julie Warner