Benji Lewis

Let the sound electronic sounds and falsetto vocals of Melbourne artist Benji Lewis and his latest single “Drift” carry you away. “Drift” comes ahead of his “Home For Now” EP and the track’s warm melodies are sure to put any of your woes at ease. Co-written and produced with Golden Vessel, this song explores the ebbs and flows of a melodic-electronic soundscape accented by a strong synth beat and firefly-like twinkles.

We asked Benji to put together a playlist of some of his current favorite Soundcloud releases including tracks from Aquilo, Lapsley, and WOODES. Take a listen below.

Aquilo – Silhouette
“I love everything about this song. The beauty, the emotion behind the vocals and that piano. It has you from the start, love these guys. their sound and what they do.”

Slumberjack ft. Vera Blue – Fracture

“Already being a fan of Vera Blue and her beautiful voice. Was pretty easy to get hooked on this big song with all the right beats to go with her powerful voice. Always turn this one up!”

gnash ft. wrenn – fragile
“This song is just perfect. The simple acoustic guitar and the two voices of gnash and wrenn is all you want to hear and keep hearing once the song starts. It has a sadness to it, but it’s speaking of a story in such a truthful way. So beautiful!”

Lapsley – Falling Short

“Ohhhh this womans voice, just LOVE! I love how the piano, vocals, the effects and loops all just roll so effortlessly from one to the other and together in the best of ways.”

Woodes – Rise

“I mean the style of production from the intro already has you and then when Woodes starts singing, I’m done. Really cool, uplifting song.”

Alex Vargas – Higher Love
“This guy’s voice is just sooo good, so already loving that plus the power and pumping up feels that come with this song. Always a good listen.”

The Weeknd ft. Lana Del Rey – Stargirl Interlude

“This guy’s music is always cool and has a good beat, add the beautiful voice of Lana Del Rey and the way she delivers her vocals. So simple, elegant, relaxed, sexy and beautiful. Just a short interlude, but I love it!”

Golden Vessel ft. Woodes – Vines

“I have been a fan of the production style of Golden Vessel since I first came across his stuff last year. This song is no different, it’s relaxed, minimal and leaves all the space for the cool and beautiful vocals from Woodes. Good chill out song.”

Mallrat – Uninvited

“Only got on the Mallrat train recently, through a crossing of networks. It’s such a fun cool song to have on at all different times of the day. Gets ya moving and singing along.”

JOY. – Heads or Tails
“I always come back to this EP from Joy. Her song ‘Like Home’ got hooked again to that and all her music again. This is now my favourite. The melodies, how her cool and beautiful voice go together with the music. All the emotion and true lyrics, I relate to it and love it. To listen to, turn up with headphones on and sing along to. Yusssss”

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