A collection aptly named ‘It’s Very Black and White’, designer duo Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker weren’t wanting to disappoint this season. Perhaps it’s because the duo are usually known for their bold prints and vivid colours (their AW16 collection was a wild spectrum of colour), that they thought it best to plainly put things in black and white from the offset as to not give any false hope.

Set at the Crypt on the Green in London with a live DJ playing beat techno music, the atmosphere couldn’t have felt more true to PPQ’s roots. The underground vibe helped to set the collection within the label’s beginnings in London subculture and continuously refers to this collaboration between fashion and music that is at the heart of their designs (PPQ also run a record label, 1-2-3-4 Records).

Having a monochrome palette throughout allowed for a more in-depth exploration and play with texture, lines and fabrics. White fur trimming was seen a lot around necks and sleeves alongside black feathers that were found stuck in the models hair. Tartan prints and horizontal stripes made the collection have a slight grunge feel to it that was set against the flamboyance of luxurious fabrics such as velvet, satin and tweed to help keep you warm during the colder months.

All looks were paired with Adidas Gazelle Shoes in black and white (what else?) which helped to reinforce the relaxed street vibe mixed with old school glam that saw throughout the collection, putting a modern spin on classic looks. Which only leaves me to ask, can be black be considered a colour yet?

Words: Heather Ibberson