This Autumn/Winter, Bora Asku offered us his version of the feminist movement. Invitations depicted the 20th Century feminists holding up signs that shouted ‘peace’ and ‘freedom’, to which we later saw in person on the sleeves, collars and cuffs of the modern feminist women who walked down the catwalk.

It is perhaps of no surprise then that the collection was dedicated to Princess Sophia Duleep Singh, a dedicated active member of the British Suffragette movement. There was certainly an air of romanticism in his love letter to Sophia that ran throughout the collection, with Vintage-look dresses that were adorned with layers upon layers of frills, lace and ribbon. Yet the freedom of movement that the loose fit allowed was juxtaposed against heavy, black uniform boots that harshly stood out against the dominating pastel colour palette. Equally, playing with the duality of Sophia’s character that was both hardworking, whilst still retaining a bit of that girlish femininity.

Staying true to his vision of the Asku girl, this demi-couture collection was both seductive and intriguing, assertive yet innocent. A reminder to the 21st Century Woman that you can still dress feminine and be a feminist.

Words: Heather Ibberson