Sydney producer POOLCLVB’s music feels like the summer disco romance you’ve been waiting for. He recently released his highly anticipated “You + Me” EP – a collection of four tracks brimming with cosmic synths and disco infused bounce.

“You + Me EP is in essence a story of boy meets girl, the relationship that follows and an expression of emotion that can sometimes be unspoken,” POOLCLVB says about the release. “I’ve created two characters here, somewhat based on real events and people in my life. This EP gives a voice to those to express how they truly feel, whether it be positive or negative.”

We asked POOLCLVB to put together some of his current favorite songs, including tracks from Bonobo’s latest album and much more.

Winston Surfshirt – Be About You

“These guys are one of the most exciting acts about blow the roof off 2017. Dude can sing, rap and write.. triple threat action, mic drop.”

Sage Nebulous – Harambe’s Night Out

“Found this dude on spotify crossing the border of Hong Kong into China.. Punch as hell synth work and surprise sax!…Don’t let the name full you.”

Cosmo’s Midnight – History
“This little weapon is fresh off the burner, and i haven’t stopped listening to it. Everything Cosmo’s do is pure genius.”

Troyboi – And Wot

“What were we just talking about?. Oh yeah.. Punchy AF synth work.. Perfect mash of neo soul, uk garage and everything in between.”

Nick Wisdom – Neeed That

“Another revamped neo soul-esk heater. Its all about the drums. This is for fans of Kaytranada.”

Bonobo – Kerala

“Whole album is pure fire, hard to pick a fav. but this is doing everything it needs to.”

RÜFÜS – Innerbloom
“This 9 minute epic goes everywhere it needs to, you get lost in time. If you get a chance to witness it live, your life will change. If i ever did a top 5 fav bands of all time, these guys would place high.”

NVOY – Make You Mine

“Young guns of the UK house scene, pretty much play everything they put out. That synth work tho!”

Bob Moses – Tearing Me Up

“Chill out to some Bob Moses, thanks for stopping by xo.”