How do you put LFWM to bed? With a paracetamol and an ice bath for those tired legs? Well, being amongst the magic of legend, Dame Vivienne Westwood helps too. This was the most anticipated show of the lot, so returning to London after what seemed like forever, the queen of punk put on a high-energy display of political anarchy.

Her eco-warriors (aka the models) charged down the runway heading handmade paper crowns with “ECOTRICITY” declared at the forefront. You guessed it – switching to renewable energy was the theme dominating the show. Anti-climate change slogans printed themselves across the collection, and Vivienne’s screwed up face (perhaps the way she looks at the financial elite?) found its way onto the collection.

The brand, ingrained in punk heritage, revamped avant-garde suiting, slouchy knitwear and deconstructed coats. As always, tailoring spoke volumes, the Prince of Wales check was on point, and she served just the right amount of rips and tears. Empowering gender fluidity, her clothes were for everybody: the men looked just as fabulous in sheer dresses as the women looked in suiting. Oh, and metallic cowboy boots? It’s a thing now.

Vivienne Westwood ended the show walking down the runway in heeled boots, donning her very own makeshift crown. What an incredible comeback.

Words: Lizzie Griffin