Liam Hodges


The press release began with a line written by performance poet Hector Aponysus, “Looking for a vocation in the decline of civilisation”. And after seeing how last year panned out, this best describes the dumbfounded state we find ourselves in today. In the face of the present political landscape, Liam Hodges rolled out a post-apocalyptic collection heated with strength and power.

Military-infected hues and industrial streetwear harked references from the likes of Total Recall and Mad Max. Donned on jackets was the quote “ideology is a myth” and playful prints reminiscent of the Seditionaries’ Tits tee were printed across T-shirts and hoodies. Oh, and these were inspired by Total Recall’s icon, Mary the triple breasted sex worker, just FYI.

A spectrum of green (forest, olive and acid) ran tyrant down the runway, and the camouflage was designed by Hodge’s team and applied to custom-designed Levi’s 501® jeans and Trucker jackets. Hodges put focus on technical solutions like the collarless puffer jackets that had room for a hoodie to fit comfortably.

The hard-edged (an equally comically-cool) Liam Hodges named his show ‘Dystopia Lives’ and we couldn’t think of a better statement to sum it up.

Words: Lizzie Griffin