FAULT Magazine Reviews KTZ LFWM AW/17


The cult of KTZ, were once again issued with radical directive, that was this season perhaps the most radical of them all. With a subtle sleight of hand, the reaction provoked by the first look the designers sent down the catwalk was that we were in store for a selection of KTZ classics, and indeed we were; with an extreme twist! KTZ delivered a triumph in the ultimate subversion. Black was BACK (but then it never truly goes away), and taking the sporty American jock look, and transforming it into a hardcore Gothic Armour that was the ultimate riff on traditional masculine/feminine notions. In a typical stroke of twisted genius, KTZ took the signature over-sized baseball ball stitching, and deployed in such a manner that garments took on a heavy lingerie style effect. Stitching along sleeves, down the back of legs to suggest hosiery, and cinching as the waists like corsets. Amongst the thus evolved KTZ staples that formed the collections bulk, the aesthetic was given further exploration and validation, I’m a wealth of looks, including models sporting rugged bombers, over Ra Ra skirts! It was an alternative vision of masculinity, that in its incorporation of femininity, was a runway success that will certainly become a popular aesthetic amongst the gender fluid generation, and one often adopted and imitated by KTZ peers. Bravo!

Words: Ian Michael Turner