Amidst the backdrop of pre-watershed nipple balloons, Daisy Lowe returned to the catwalk to open day two of LWFM. Was this a silken whimsical dream? It felt like it. Following dear Daisy came a psychedelic slumber party drawing from the gritty alleyways of 70s Soho, London. Paul Raymond, property mogul, strip club owner and the OG of London’s seedy post-war sex scene, heavily influenced Katie Eary’s burnt orange vision this season.

Adorned in sensually cut silk negligees, pjs and robes, Eary’s collection whispered ‘come-to-bed’ in a kind of cheeky, Carry On way. Of course there had to be; garish geometric prints, tobacco browns and rich plums (because it’s the 70s, right?), as well as cute repeat print lizards emblazoned across the show. The girls towered down in heels and high hems, and guys sleazily opened their robes just enough to see gold2 chains (and a couple of chest hairs). Oh, and we couldn’t help but love the combination of the smoking jacket with the adorable teddy bears (referencing Brideshead Revisited) clutched in-hand.

What we learnt? Bed head rules. This swinger-chic display was a retro-spectacular tribute to that glamorous sex-infused era. Eary closed the show fittingly donning heart-shaped nipple tassels. Love.

Words: Lizzie Griffin