FAULT MAGAZINE Reviews Bobby Abley LFWM AW/17

Taking a detour from his love of Disney’s Mickey Mouse (as seen at previous A/W collections), this year Bobby Abley took inspiration from his other childhood dream, that is, the Power Rangers.

Both male and female models transformed into the iconic characters as they trail-blazed down the catwalk in bright primary colours, wearing ranger jackets and sweaters in all 5 colours (helmets to match) alongside a more contemporary neutral palette of tan tones in relaxed streetwear fits. The sense of a nostalgic sentimentality was evident in the references to 90s streetwear trends in accessories, from the addition of baseball caps to large hoop earrings and hair scrunchies as seen on the girls.

Rangers dinosaur stencil prints were a common feature (the Power Rangers alter egos) and were often split and joined with another print to reinforce this idea of duality and transformation. Knitwear and accessories were flooded with a loud ‘BA’ logo, boldly showing that this collection is all about Bobby Abley and his take on pop culture history. Long straps were tied around the wrists and waist as a nod towards martial arts and the use drawstrings further helped to create this puffy silhouette in tops that billowed out like a bag full of air.

His unwavering skill to blend playful imagery with cutting edge design makes Bobby Abley a powerful force within the industry as the master of wit and charm. And before you can say ‘Go Galactic!’, his pieces are available to buy inSelfridges as the designer debuts his first straight-to-store concept.

Heather Ibberson