FAULT Magazine Featured Playlists: Lily Allen’s ‘He’s got the whole world, in his tiny hands’


It’s a strange day. As many of our staff prepare themselves for the ‘Women’s March On London‘ tomorrow (we hope to see you there) the world is shifting and as young creatives, not in the direction we’d hoped. Never the less, these strange times do have their silver lining and in the previous months we’ve watched as our creative inspirations have used their platform to promote our shared concerns.

Today we feature musician Lily Allen’s ‘He’s got the whole world, in his tiny hands’ playlist. If you follow Lily Allen’s work or Lily generally on social media, you’ll no doubt know where she stands on certain political issues but in her own words “I decided to not argue with people about the inevitable for the day, and made a Spotify playlist to commemorate this miserable occasion.”

Enjoy Lily’s playlist below.