Discussing Inspirations and 2017 with FAULTFuture Actress – Jamey May

Rising British actress Jamey May is best known for her role as Sandra in the 2016’s critically acclaimed ‘White Colour Black’. While still rather new in the game, Jamey approaches all her projects with confidence and passion driven and the glow of positive energy. We sat down with Jamey to discuss her upcoming projects and acting inspirations.
Can you tell us about Holly the role you play in Lucid?
Holly is Zel’s brother’s girlfriend (Zel is who the film is about, a young guy who suffers from social anxiety and uses lucid dreaming to get what he wants).. She is outspoken, always overdresses and is the life of the party. I wouldn’t say too far away from myself, haha. That’s all I’ll say for now ;)
Growing up who was your big acting inspiration?
Well, Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic was the first poster I ever put up on my wall. He’s just a pure natural and brings this natural charm to everything he does. All of his film choices have been absolutely spot on.
I was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s philosophy pretty early in life. He said he would be the highest paid actor and biggest bodybuilder in the world. With all the laughs and taunts he got, he became exactly what he said he’d be. I truly believe you create your own destiny. I believe that every energy configuration has already been made, so as an infinite part of consciousness, we can literally tap into a certain vibration and create exactly what we want. It comes with faith in the universe or higher power or God, or whatever you want to call it. I know it’s real because I’ve had some crazy things happen to me that could not just be a co-incidence so I’ve become interested in how and why these things happen.
What do you look for in a character before accepting the role?
I look for a character that challenges me. I like to play characters that are far far away from who I am as a person, something I can really get stuck into..It’s usually the characters I absolutely despise at the start, that I research and work on and play around with that I end up falling in love with the most.
If you could play any role (even if it’s one that already been done), which one would it be?
I love the idea of playing a ‘seemingly completely normal girl’ that has a deep dark side, someone multi-faceted..”GONE GIRL” was great. Anything philosophical or psychological. I love psychological thrillers. Shutter Island too. I like roles that are far away from me and the stereotypical blonde curliness that I have on the outside… I feel like I secretly have dark straight sleek hair that flops over one eye with shaved sides and cheekbones that are chiselled and sharp as fuck I want to pull out the dark pieces of me and explore them to their depths to surprise myself. Catch Me If You Can, I would love to play a female version of Leo, I’ll do that someday.
What’s next to come for Jamey May in 2017?
Oh, I’m totally working with Terrence Malick, Bernado Bertolucci, Gaspar Nöe, Mike Leigh, Brad Pitt and in the next season of Westworld… HAHA.
In reality, I have three Independent British films upcoming, all challenging characters with beautiful meaningful stories. One Is about homelessness, something I’m very passionate about, It will change the lives of people that watch it. I have my own production company, Bronco Pictures, we shoot exciting creative shorts all the time so they’re my little passion projects aside from working.
When you close your eyes and envision your “big dream” what do you see?
Working with the above names. Writing my own material that sends powerful hard hitting messages out to the world. Film has the strong ability to plant seeds in people’s minds and change their perception of things. I’m writing a script about transcendental meditation, I can’t say too much about it but it’s a fantasy thriller, very mystical but at the same time real because we can genuinely access these realms all in the back of our minds. Real, raw and universal are my key words. I hate the silver lined shit. As long as every bit of work I do is honest, raw and real, I’ll be very happy.
What is your FAULT?
I overthink, everything. I’m slowly learning to let the need for perfection dissipate because there is no such thing. Our rawness and vulnerability is what makes us special. I’m  very hard on myself. I find it hard to take a break and chill the fuck out sometimes, it’s important to do that and recharge. There’s just always something to do. I always feel like time’s running out…I always have. But I suppose that’s why I feel like I’ve lived 20 years longer than I actually have. It’s a short life, I mean let’s do this properly and get out everything we fucking can!

Photography: Amber Eggleden

Styling: Belda Chung

MUA: Dominic Paul

Hair: Martyna Parzniewska

Makeup Assistant: Ruby Watt