Chris Gelinas presents us with an instinctive and authentic organic foundational palette. CG’s black soil, think pink twirl prints, nude bases and nautical navy with touches of snuggle bunny green create a nonstop tour traveler, ready for any endeavor. Oversized gold foiled hoops cruise the part with the ease and beauty of these springing forward separates. Investigative and curious, CG allows us to explore with intention.

Words: Chaunielle Brown | Video: Vara Reese


Edie Parker stays tailored to the T with precision to fit any one particular and eccentric personality characteristic. Whether paisley checked, a cherished green thumb, with mushrooms growing garden tall, with a delicate softened palette, and all things ‘sweet and dirty’ with offerings from those titled ‘weed’ to ‘kale,’ and ‘herb,’ accented by strawberry and butterfly delights, Edie Parker remains to capture every moment, mood and effervescent season changing attitude. the freshest of the bunch and effortlessly absolute and cool.

Words: Chaunielle Brown | Images: Haluhi Kato


The explorative imagination and welcoming twisted mental tripped fantasy continues to reign throughout Libertine’s collection. Artistic pieces of strength patched, embedded and sewn curling with confidence are constants and traits we can always count on. Excitement with flair, bursts of color and the most uncommon and yet still charmingly likable elements so well stitched together provide a unique and relentless epic wardrobe fit for the fearless. Libertine cloaked secret and bold, dare to step out without ever looking back.

Words: Chaunielle Brown | Images: Julie Warner