FAULT Weekly Playlist: King Of Nothing


King of Nothing is a budding rapper whose music pairs hard hitting flows over house inspired production he’s self-dubbed as “post-rap.” His single “4Criss” is out first introduction to the 22-year-old who hails from Houston (holler chopped and screwed) who now calls New York City his home.  The track eloquently highlights King of Nothing’s lyrical style and technical finesse.

We asked KoN to put together some of his current favorite tracks, which includes selections from fellow NYC based artists JIL and KYLE as well as a sweet make-out tune from Charlotte Day Wilson. Dig in below.

Jessy Lanza – VV Violence

“I fucking looooovvvveeeeee Jessy Lanza!!! I got to kick it with her for a bit when her tour stopped in Houston this summer, and she’s like the nicest and coolest person ever. You should definitely the album she dropped last spring, because it was a huge influence for me in terms of my approach to song structure and what I look for in production.”

KYLE – Doubt it

“Had to put some KYLE on this playlist. I’ve always been a fan of this dude because he’s not afraid to be himself, even if it comes of as corny sometimes lolol. Also the production on this song and all his others is consistently really good.”

Quiet Luke – Where U Were

“One of my favorite tracks of 2016. Quiet Luke is someone I really respect and identify with, mostly because he’s balancing being and artist and going to school in New York just like me :).”

JIL – All Your Words

“Nothing but good things to say about these dudes, especially since we’re all (in one way or another) Columbia kids. I’m cool with Sleator and Julian and we’ve played many a few together, so hopefully we can sit down and write a record one of these days.”

ARME – Ode 2 Bae

“More shit from my homies! I’m actually working on a track with these guys right now, so stay tuned… (this is a great song to do the carlton to btw).”

Charlotte Day Wilson – Find You

“So fucking talented. Also, I made out with a girl to this song once, so v thankful for that!”

Ugly God – I Got Bitches FREESTYLE

“I think me and every other immature nigga from Houston I grew up with fucks with Ugly God. All his shit reminds me of the freestyles we used to have in the locker room before basketball games in high school. I can understand how people don’t fuck with meme rap, but I think he does it the right way.”

Maxo Kream – Big Worm

“Another one of my favorite rappers from back home. Bump this when you have to go do something that you don’t feel like you’re cool enough to pull off.”

6LACK – Alone/EA6

“If you haven’t jumped on the 6LACK wave yet, you’re late. This is perfect for DM-sliding and other ratchet activities.”

The Code – Crazy

“Yah dude dis a rly gud song 1sec my seamless jus came brb.”

Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (C & J Street Mix)

“Kk y’all I’m back and full of salad and ready to close out my playlist with the greatest fucking song of all time ever.”

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