Jenn Murray Discusses Fantastic Beasts and where to find them in FAULT Magazine


Today (Nov 19th) sees the release of J.K. Rowlings much anticipated new blockbuster, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. FAULT Magazine sat down with cast member Jenn Murray who appears as Chastity Barebone in the movie to learn more about her character, the movie and the magic goings on behind the scenes!


You’re going to be entering a huge, huge franchise, do you think you’re fully ready for that?

As ready as I can be!  I cannot predict the future, I just hope people enjoy the film!  I can only be grateful that David Yates saw something in me and gave me an opportunity.  The opportunity was to work with some of the most talented people in the film industry.  Every day was a playground of inspiration and creativity, you simply had to open your eyes and you would learn something.


Can you tell me anything about Chastity? Her background doesn’t seem to be divulged much. What can we expect from her character?

Chastity was an interesting role to play.  She is mysterious, to me and to others.  She is surrounded by big personalities and although she is curious, she is also content in her own particular way of life.  She didn’t draw attention to herself, she just got on with her work, she got on with her life.  There is something about silence that can be powerful, I learnt a lot from playing her.


How did you mediate the different material in order to become Chastity, such as JK Rowling’s help to the script to David Yates’ work as a director?

Simply to be in the knowledge that I was part of a story that had come from JK Rowling’s imagination was thrilling.  Whenever I play a role, I always make the choice to trust two people, I trust the director and I trust the writer.  Both David and JK tell stories with eloquence and a life force energy that you cannot but be swept away with them.  You do your homework and research because for me, preparation brings confidence.  Then, on the set, I pay attention, I listen to my scene partners and I jump in.  David knew what he wanted and so I always felt very safe.

How was it working on a film driven by so much CGI and visual effects?

Working on Fantastic Beasts was incredible.  Each day on set there were so many resources to take from to inspire your performance.  How did my coat feel on my shoulders, how did my feet sound on the wooden floor, what temperature was it outside?  CGI requires focus and commitment.  It is like playing make believe as a child, you choose to believe that whatever the special effect is that will be added later is actually in front of you now and you go for it!  Plus you are not alone, your fellow actors are taking the same leap of imagination, and it can be a lot of fun!


Are you scared or excited for the release of the film next month? Do you think it will live up to Harry Potter fans expectations?

I am excited.  Working on a film like Fantastic Beasts you see that every person has the same goal, to tell a great story.  I feel really lucky to be part of an ensemble cast and therefore there is not too much pressure.  You can be aware of expectations but ultimately you can only focus on your own contribution to the project.  JK said something I always think of in her Harvard commencement speech.  What we achieve on the inside effects our outer world.  So I like to remind myself that even to be in a film, and a film that has expectations, is a dream come true.


Words: Harley Cassidy

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