Introducing: Pink Angels – and their quest to SLAY!


While this might be your first time hearing of Pink Angels in the UK – At home in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe the band have released four highly acclaimed albums. Ready to take over the UK market, Pink Angels released the very catchy and ‘Slay Mama’ which is fast approaching 200k plays on Youtube. FAULT sat down with the group to find out all about their growing success.


How would you describe the Pink Angels musical sound?

We’re definitely pop mixed with RnB, mixed with some DJ stuff, we’re really pop music with a mixture!


You’re live sets are so high energy and look like a lot of fun. Would you say you’re most at home on the stage or in the studio?

I think that maybe on the stage, although we really do love recording new songs…but the energy on the stage is always so great and so much better! We have so much fun because our fans are so fun and lively!



‘Pinks Across America’ sounds like a lot of fun? Where did the idea come about?

We got the idea from our manager, we were having so much fun in a pink limo and then he came up with the idea that we should do a reality show in the limo…we all absolutely loved the idea and got so excited about it, and that’s how the idea for the show came about!


‘Slay Mama’ is oozing with girl power! If you could impart some advice to your younger selves, what would it be?

Girls our age should be true to themselves and not try to be something they’re not, I hated how small I am when I was younger…I’m really really small! Now I’ve got a bit older and I know not to let it bother me, I love and respect myself, and I think all girls should love and respect themselves no matter what!


What’s been your favourite part of your musical journey so far?

Probably travelling with the girls, we get to know new people and its just so much fun on the stage with fans and the crowd. Touring is the most fun part of everything we do.


Who have been your main musical influences?

To me, it would be Taylor Swift, for all of us, The Weeknd, Beyonce, Selena Gomez and definitely Justin Bieber…we really love all of them!


What is your FAULT?

Natalie curls her hair so much!! She always bites her lips when she’s nervous too!