FAULT Weekly Playlist: Laura Brehm


Singer/Songwriter and Colorado native, Laura Brehm has slowly but surely carved out a name for herself with a slew of collaborations with some of today’s most sought after producers. Now ready to step into the limelight herself, Laura reveals her own sophisticated sound that combines folk and electronic notes that create an ephemeral feel. We asked Laura to put together a playlist of some of her current favorite songs that includes Royksopp and fellow newcomer Ofelia K. Take a listen below.

Kolesce – For a Minute

“Charlotte Haining and Champion teamed up to form Kolesce and this is their very first single! I was instantly addicted to this sound. The touch of electric guitar in the buildup and the future pop mellow vibes in the chorus are so pleasant. My favorite thing about it is Charlotte’s vocal performance.”

Royksopp – Never Ever

“This contemporary electronic duo that refers to themselves as a two-headed Norwegian monster are one of my all time favorite bands in general, but their latest track ‘Never Ever’ really stood out to me in particular. The emotion they can portray with female vocals and synthesizers is unparalleled.”

Ofelia K – Another World

“I had never heard of Ofelia K until I came across this song while listening to the popular Hype Machine chart a few weeks ago, but I am definitely a fan of hers now! This track is very organic but can still work within the electronic music realm; and this tends to be my favorite style of music. I love the plucked string instruments in the chorus that give it a nice folky vibe.”

Koven – Everything

“Lush, deep, hauntingly beautiful; just a few descriptive words that always come to mind when listening to Koven. They’ve been one of my favorite EDM artists for years, and now they’ve started to release on Monstercat. I’m very excited to hear their new material and it’s only getting better!”

Rich Edwards ft. Park Avenue – For You

“This song has been on repeat since it came out a few months ago. The vocal melodies and lyrics are so captivating and it meshes perfectly with the production. Park Avenue is definitely a songwriter/vocalist to watch out for in the near future.”

Bare Noize & AFK ft. Anna Yvette – Elemental

“Anna Yvette writes and performs the most powerful and epic vocals in the EDM scene. This song definitely supports this claim as her vocal layers soar over the unique chord progressions, classically influenced synth leads and classic dubstep bass. It all comes together beautifully!”

Kerli – Feral Hearts

“I’m a huge fan of everything Kerli has done, especially her latest work. I love the strings, piano and electronic production as well as the imagery and themes that her lyrics convey. The music video for this song is also one of the most visually stunning pieces of work I’ve ever seen!”

Direct & Elliot Berger – Anticipation

“When I’m not working on music, I really enjoy listening to calm and relaxing music. This is a great example of that. Piano is also one of my favorite instruments, and the skillful piano work in this serene. It’s also a great mix of Direct and Elliot Berger’s styles.”

Phantogram – Fall in Love (Until the Ribbon Breaks Re-imagination)

“I heard this song playing in a movie theater lobby and immediately had to use Shazam to find out what it was. Turns out, it’s a remix of one of my favorite bands, Phantogram. The re-imagination is a more chilled out version than the striking original mix, and I think it brings out more of the romantic essence in ‘Fall in Love’ as well.”

Reflekt – Need to Feel Loved (Adam K and Soha Remix)

“All of the tracks on this playlist are songs that I’ve found recently, so I wanted to add one that has been a favorite for years. This classic progressive house tune is perfect for listening to while driving, looking out the window from an airplane, or just day dreaming. It perfectly captures that in-love feeling.”