Premiere: LISHI – Dropping Back


LISHI is a new talent rising up from Sydney, Australia who recently shared “Dropping Back,” an emotive track that tells the story of a suffocating embrace of anxiety and the sweetness of release through intricate yet minimal instrumentation. There’s a certain blasé quality to LISHI’s voice that stands in stark contrast to the gritty instrumentation of the single – a perfect mirror of the juxtaposition put forth by the song lyrically.

Today we’re excited to premiere the music video for the song. Directed by Madeleine Purdy, the black & white clip features a series of close up shots that emphasize the track’s intense claustrophobic emotions.

“The video visually explores anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed,” Purdy said about the video to us over email. “It’s a portrait of a woman paralysed as a faceless threat approaches her. She struggles to move or breath in the face of this threat, and equally struggles to pull herself from the throes of her reaction when it becomes apparent that there is no threat – she is being covered in warmth and light.”

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