Jerry Williams in conversation with FAULT Online

Portsmouth’s Jerry Williams is a fast rising singer-songwriter who’s only just released her EP ‘Let’s Just Forget It’ and single of the same name (below). ‘Let’s Just Forget It’ has already gained over 117,000 views on Youtube and promises to take the singer in the footsteps of already established artists. Her previous releases were more stripped back, whereas now she’s come back with a band and a bit of a louder sound, taking cue from the likes of Jake Bugg, Vance Joy and Jamie T. The EP has been nominated for best album/EP at the Unsigned music awards and this month Jerry went on the road for her debut headlining tour.  Check out FAULT’s latest catch-up with the singer-songwriter below


You’ve been co-writing with an abundance of talent. Have you taken anything in particular from them that you intend to integrate in your music further down the line?

I’d say more the production. When I go to a session and we write the song and produce it, it makes me want to get a home studio and give it a go myself! I’d love to experiment with sounds and vibes at home.

Every song of yours has its own narrative and you can be described as a fairly emotive songwriter. Is it difficult for you to be that open on record? 

I wouldn’t say so. If I’ve got something on my mind, feeling something or have a story to tell, songwriting is a great release for me. I think it comes easier if you’re honest.

As far as collaborations go, who would you like to work side by side with in the future? 

I’d love to work with Slow Club. I think their songwriting is amazing and they seem like good fun! Chris Martin would be a dream too – I’m a massive fan of Coldplay.


What would you say are the main influences that surface on your EP? 

I’m not sure, I listen to such a wide range of music. At the time, I was listening to a lot of Vampire Weekend, Slow Club, Coldplay and The Kooks, so I guess a couple of little quirks and sounds were inspired by them. Most of the record is just what I thought worked for each particular track.


You have previously toured with Nathan Sykes, how was that experience? 

It was the first tour I’d ever done and me and my Dad just went around the country in our little van! Everyone was so lovely, and meeting everyone, including Nathan, was amazing.

What’s your FAULT? 

Hmmmm. I can sometimes be really bad at getting back to people! I can read a message or email and then just completely forget about it. I need to sort myself out!


Words: Adina Ilie


Listen to whole EP here