FAULT Weekly Playlist: Julianne Glass


LA born and raised, Julianne Glass is changing pop music one song at a time. The 19-year-old singer/songwriter began her career in music at a young age playing piano and listening to the likes ofThe Beatles, Ben Folds, Elliott Smith and Stevie Wonder, inspiring the sound of her solo project.

Julianne writes from the heart – crafting delicate melodies and confessional songwriting to create a sound uniquely hers. She recently released her debut single “Seventeen,” a beautifully textured pop song and the first look from her forthcoming EP and we can’t wait to hear more.

In the meantime, take a listen to a playlist of songs Julianne is currently spinning and lose yourself in the music.

BØRNS – 10,000 Emerald Pools

“Before we made my record, my producers and I exchanged artists we were listening to at the time. This was the first song I heard from Børns, and it drew me into the rest of his album. I love most everything about his music – the lyrics are filled with imagery, his metaphors make sense and are original, and the melodies perfectly capture a California vibe which resonates with me. I’ve seen him live a couple of times and the show he puts on is super fun and inspires me for my future shows.”

The Knife – Heartbeats

“I took a lot of songs from the playlist I listen to when driving to the beach, this being one of them. Listening to this song with the top of my car down while the wind blows my hair is my definition of heaven. Find a friend with a convertible, take a drive, and listen to this song – you won’t regret it. These lyrics are also incredible. The original song is by José González, and I love listening to that version. The Knife’s cover of it really captivates me though. The drums are so solid, so in the pocket, and I definitely took inspiration from that in how the drums sound in Seventeen.”

Stromae- ave cesaria

“I was introduced to Stromae’s music by getting familiar with the Coachella 2014 lineup. One of my favorite things about the Coachella experience is getting introduced to artists I would have never heard if it weren’t for ‘chella. I listened to his album nonstop for months before seeing him live. I can’t speak French but I sing along to his songs anyway. It doesn’t matter that I can’t understand him, all that matters is that his passion clearly and directly comes out from his singing and that’s the passion I try to emulate in my work.”

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

“This is one of my favorite songs, like, ever. Whenever I hear this song, I get super nostalgic. I first heard this record at band camp (not marching band camp, but rock-n-roll band camp… which is still pretty nerdy). I was living in the suburbs of LA at the time and this song really resonated with me. The song is carried by the piano and vocal melodies which speak to my musicality – I write everything on the piano before adding other instruments. My favorite line in the song is, “Move your feet from hot pavement and into the grass.” I love lyrics that describe emotion with detailed images, and that’s how I try to write.”

Ben Folds Five – Best Imitation Of Myself

“I was raised listening to Ben Folds, which makes me feel really young to say since the 90’s weren’t that long ago. I think listening to Ben since I was little has especially influenced my sound more than anything else. His songs are piano-based, like mine, and have the normal four instruments that an alt-rock band usually has with some brass and woodwinds for certain songs. When writing, my ear is drawn to those kinds of instruments. What I appreciate most about Ben is that he owns his identity rather than trying to sound like someone else, which is what this song is about. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I’m exposed to lots of people who are doing the same things and trying to book the same gigs, and it’s so easy to start comparing yourself to others. I’m a victim of that type of thinking at times and listening to songs like this remind me that, “I do the best imitation of myself.”

Fiona Apple – Not About Love

“This is the first song I heard by Fiona and was immediately drawn to the style of her sound. It made me hopeful as an aspiring artist to know that the style of music I play has been listened to and appreciated by successful artists like her. If you read about her life, you can tell that she takes from her own experiences and puts them into her lyrics, which is what I do in my songwriting as well. I find it to be the best form of therapy, and it makes the connection between the songwriter and the listener more genuine.”

The Belle Brigade- Shirt

“My friend’s cousins are the duo in this band and for the past couple of years, they’ve been one of my favorite groups. The Belle Brigade’s harmonies are what butter would sound like if you could hear it. I love singing along to these songs because they’re so fun to harmonize with. Their lyrics are what I consider perfect lyrics because the metaphors they use are so solid and make sense throughout the entire song and their imagery is very detailed. I also appreciate how their music is made with live instruments. The music world is currently invested in electronic sounds and I think it’s cool that there are no audible synths in this album.”

Elliott Smith – Happiness/The Gondola Man

“Elliott Smith will always be one of my favorite musicians. I’m not sure that I sound like him, but I very much look up to him as a lyricist and melodist. His lyrics never fail to move the listener and his melodies evoke the same amount of emotion as well. If I hope to be like him in any way, I’d want people who listen to my music to have the same connection as his listeners did with his songs. My sister introduced me to Elliott when I was little, and when she passed away, I listened to him nonstop. His music helped me grieve and I always feel close to her whenever I listen to him.”

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