Exclusive Premiere: Parlour Tricks debut their brand new EP!

Today we’re delighted to premiere the brand new EP from Parlour Tricks, entitled ‘BODIES’, in its entirety!


Front woman Lily Cato spilled about ‘BODIES’:

It’s pretty impossible to characterize the experience of being in this band. The fortunate feeling. What it meant to be doing something awesome and difficult with people you love.  We never fought. We un-ironically told each other how much we loved each other. How un-rock n’ roll, right. How totally opposite from what I’d ever heard being in a band was going to be like. We ended up setting the bar for future musical (and otherwise) relationships unreasonably high. So I could cite a million different memories, but none would fully encapsulate what we did here. What we made. Who we became.  I want to talk about those times we rolled into new cities with the windows down bellowing Travis Tritt’s “It’s A Great Day To Be Alive”. I want to talk about how we laughed until we couldn’t breathe that time when we were living in Nashville and Angelo tried to work out with Terry’s TRX but instead of putting it in a door frame he put it between Brian’s legs. I want to talk about the 1,000,000+ times Morgane, Darah and I were condescended to by male sound guys, managers, venue-owners, etc, and how deeply comforting it was to know that we had each other in those moments. I want to talk about how much we loved talking to fans after shows. I want to talk about how much we loved it one night in Philly when a dude (who did not seem to have enjoyed the show) said “The guys are too metal and the girls are too pretty”.   I want to tell you about those nights in the studio, in Nashville and in New York, when everything gelled beautifully, when we felt the enormity of making something good.   I want to explain these things, but even then it wouldn’t paint a full picture.  You had to be there. We were lucky enough to be there.



Listen right here:


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