FAULT Travel’s Carry-on Beauty Essentials

Travelling is great, but when you have to start packing your beauty products the question often arises, “should I take a second suitcase or not?” Here are some essential 2-in-1 solutions that can’t go amiss when packing for your next getaway. Remember, if the base is good, the rest will look good too. My advice, don’t skimp on good skincare products when you’re travelling!

 LQ Liquid Health Supplements

 LQ Liquid Health Supplements

These little bottles will ensure your skin looks healthy and complement your healthy diet with minerals and vitamins that will have you coming back from holiday with a fresh and rested glow. With ingredients such as marine collagen, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and zinc, you’re sure your skin is receiving the right care.

My personal favourite is the fact they included turmeric, a spice used in Ayurvedic medicine and finally starting to be recognised for all the benefits it has. And above it all, the orange flavouring is on point!

Rubis Tweezers

One thing that cannot be missing in a lady’s beauty case is a pair of glamorous tweezers. Let’s be real, tweezers are tweezers and they will probably do the job the same as any other high-value pair. Does it being Swiss-made make them as precise as Swiss clocks? Maybe. However, by picking the Rubis Tweezers you can show off your great taste and eye for marvelously constructed beauty essentials.  They are great quality and they look amazing with the cute little pouch to put them away in. A great investment indeed.

 Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

One thing you cannot do enough off when travelling is moisturising. It’s definitely a daily requirement when exposing your face to the UV rays we sadly miss out on in the UK. I’m always a sucker for French beauty products because they always seem to deliver even if they seem simple and under engineered. Don’t be fooled, they always have the exact right amount of ingredients that leaves your skin just the way you like it. Applied lightly, this moisturiser expertly nourishes your skin and will leave your face looking and feeling well-hydrated. It’s a great feeling after a long haul flight or long holiday outings. A thin layer is more than sufficient, however, if you feel your skin is a bit more thirsty, maybe after a long flight apply a thicker layer and use it as an intense mask overnight. To top it all off, the smell reminds me of warm summer nights along the French riviera.

Transformulas – Line filler & Hydration Gold

With all the anti-ageing products on the market, you might get the impression you need to start using wrinkle cremes the moment you turn 25. The founder of Transformulas agrees that there are way too many products out there and unless you know which ingredients really work, you might end up buying 5 different products in the hopes of defying age. Transfhormulas tries to pack everything in one working with scientist and constantly improving the formula. The Linefiller is applied before your make up in the morning, just apply it with the handy wand and wait for it to dry, give your skin the time to soak up all the gel. You can also apply it at night before you apply your night creme and you will soon see that your skin around the eye area is smoother and plumper.

In summer time we all want to look our best and look radiant, especially in all our photos and selfies. One way of helping your selfies glow (without the use of tired snapchat filters) is to hydrate your skin with a creme that contains some glitter. Transfhormulas took this concept up a level by adding 23 carat gold to an anti-ageing creme. This is a great all in one product, it will hydrate your face, it will make you look radiant and emphasise your new tan and to top it all off, it will slow the appearance of wrinkles a  little while longer. Pro tip, if you’re like me and can’t leave the house without any foundation, mix the creme in with your foundation instead of adding it on top.

 Monsoon – Rose Gold

When on holiday having a great summer scent that goes with a relaxed atmosphere and enhances the feeling of being out of the daily routine. Monsoon’s Rose Gold perfume will do just that. The scent is light, but it will linger long enough so that you actually catch some whiffs of it hours after having applied it, which is quite rare for such delicate scents. You don’t need to constantly reapply, which means the small format will be more than enough to slip in your suitcase and last you.

Lord & Berry – Crayon Lipstick

This brand from Milan knows how to make great lip products. These pencils apply as easily as a regular lip stick, but with the point, it makes it much more precise in application. No need to carry extra lip products or brushes on holiday, with this one product you’re good to go and if you bring 2 shades you can change your day make-up to a night look, swapping over the nude Allure colour to Dangerous Red. It’s definitely going to get you noticed.

Words: Astrid Verstraete