MikeLyrik: One of R&B’s most exciting artists




Reigning supreme as one of Myspace’s top 20 Indie R&B/Pop charts back in 2009, Mikelyrik has transitioned from the once ‘best kept musical secret’ to becoming an artist in high international demand. Despite his heart still being rooted in the underground music scene, Mikelyrik has toured the exotic Dubai and opened for the world renowned artist and FAULT favourite Trey Songz and other R&B powerhouses Ashanti and Melanie Fiona.

As an artist who found notoriety on the web,  it goes without saying that Mikelyrik’s online fanbase has continued to grow and support him as he continues to gain notoriety in the music world. While his instagram features snaps of him posing alongside FAULT #21 cover star Nick Jonas and dancing alongside Rihanna, it puts into perspective how far Mikelyrik has come since his Myspace days.

Despite the fancy events and modeling work, it is still the music which continues to captivate R&B lovers. Releasing single ‘Celebrate’ earlier this year, one youtube commenter hit the nail on the head exclaiming that “this could have been on Empire”, a fitting compliment for a show whose soundtrack has been acknowledged both at the Golden Globe and Grammy Awards. Today he’s  back with another release entitled ‘Life Music: Genre Theater‘ which proves just how diverse MikeLyrik can be as he dabbles with a variety of production stylings from harmonic ballads to heavy rock vibes.

Returning to the road this Fall, we’re all very excited to hear and see more from Mikelyrik and certain that even bigger and brighter things are just around the corner. For tour dates and more keep up with MikeLyrik on the links below!

MileLyrik on the web