Influences and Inspirations: The Wonderful World of Casinos

It’s fair to say that the beauty of music lies in its power to invoke feelings in us. We’re not just talking about pure emotions – joy, melancholy, discontent – but memories and times and experiences, too. Is there anything else in existence that has the near-magical ability to transport us back to the scene of our first heartbreak, our last summer of college, or that one-holiday romance we’ve never quite managed to shake? If there is, we’ve yet to find it.
This poignancy stems in large part from the readiness of the songwriter and artist to draw on real life: on their lived experiences, their relationships, the places they’ve been to and the ones they’ve only dreamed of.
Little wonder, then, that so many songs utilise a shared theme for inspiration: the transformative, transcendent world of casinos. A place where lives can be transformed in an instant, these wonderlands of risk-taking and debauchery have breathed life into some of the most uplifting, upbeat, and inspiring songs of all time…

Luck Be a Lady

First sung by Marlon Brando, Luck Be a Lady began its life as part of the soundtrack for a 50s era silver-screen classic. Later covered by Frank Sinatra and included on his album Bewitched, it’s the perfect background music for when you want to set the mood and take advantage of a few free spins online. Dim the lights, create a suitably hazy casino aesthetic, and allow the soothing tones of Sinatra to wash over you as the hands of fate decide your fortune.

Night Life

Source: Pixabay

Sinatra was not the only classic crooner to draw inspiration from the high-rolling world of the casino. Elvis was also motivated by the magical lights of Las Vegas, as demonstrated by fan favourite Night Life, featured on the ’60s album Flaming Star. Capable of filling the dancefloor to this day, its decadent lyrics and transcendent melody were dedicated to the opulence and unashamed anarchy of the city that never sleeps.

The Casino Boogie

Music should be accessible to everyone, but even the most discerning of music connoisseurs will agree that our next pick is not only a casino classic but a musical tour de force: The Casino Boogie. An exquisite number from rock legends The Rolling Stones, it’s just as likely to get people up on their feet at a chic and stylish 21st-century house party as it ever was back in the day.

Viva Las Vegas

Source: Pixabay

What list of casino classics would be complete without the ultimate lyrical ode to the world of high-stakes gambling: Elvis Presley’s inimitable Viva Las Vegas? One of the most iconic songs of the 60s, it’s a tune that everyone in existence knows the words to, one guaranteed to put a smile on even the most downcast of faces. Add it to your playlist for those times when a fun and frivolous melody is exactly what you need.
Now tell us, what other influence or inspiration has inspired so many iconic songs? Aside from twin lynchpins love and loss, we can think of hardly any, and certainly, none so niche.